United Kingdom

Contracting Party: 

Department of Energy Security and Net Zero, United Kingdom

Executive Committee Member:   Sarah Robinson, Department of Energy Security and Net Zero, United Kingdom

Alternate Member:  Alison Monaghan, British Geological Survey, Scotland

Geothermal Heat

The Eden project in Cornwall has successfully completed well drilling with the heat to the Biomes, greenhouses and offices at the site now operational. Photo to the right is of the interior of one of the biomes.

Mine Water Geothermal Energy

There is significant interest in low temperature mine waters for energy for facilities heating and cooling and utilisation of their waters for geothermal heating is progressing steadily. The Coal Authority who are developing geothermal heating schemes at several of their sites estimate around 25% of UK homes are situated in the former coalfields areas with mine water offering a potentially large decarbonisation opportunity for the UK.

Advanced projects include; a 6MWth installation at the Gateshead District Heat Network which is additional the mine water geothermal project that supplies energy to Lanchester Wines.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

There are ~49,000 installed ground source heat pump systems with an installed capacity of 816 MWth annually supplying ~1370 GWh of heat.

Power Generation

The United Downs Deep Geothermal Power project is the first commercial project in the UK to develop deep geothermal for power generation. Design of the power plant was completed in 2022 with the project seeking to generate enough electricity for 6,000 homes and additionally 15MW of heat to be distributed to local users

A second phase of drilling is planned for the Eden project with drilling a second well for power generation which is yet to be completed.

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