WG 14 – Geothermal Heating and Cooling

This working group focusses on activity associated with non-electrical uses of geothermal energy. The work is organised into four areas; Shallow Geothermal, Deep Geothermal, Mine Water Geothermal and Underground Heat Storage. Each of these areas will have separate tasks which are currently under development.  Click the text below to go to the separate areas.
     Shallow Geothermal
     Deep Geothermal
     Mine Water Geothermal Energy
     Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES)

Access the 2022 WG 14 report (URL to report)

Participants: Switzerland, France, Republic of Korea, United Kingdom.
Status: Ongoing
Leader: Stephan Bolay, Switzerland

Stephan Bolay

Email: Stephan.Bolay@geotest.ch


Co-leader : Virginie Schmidlé-Bloch, AFPG, France

Virginie Schmidlé-Bloch