European Commission

Contracting Party:   DG Research and DG-Energy, Belgium

Executive Committee Member: Luca Giovannelli, DG Research & Innovation, Directorate Clean Planet – Unit C.1 Clean Energy Transition, Belgium

Alternate Member:  Drazen Tumara, European Commission – Joint Research Centre, Netherlands

The EC is actively supporting geothermal energy through its Framework  Programmes for Research and Innovation.   Significant work programmes are being funded in geothermal energy, in shallow, deep, supercritical and EGS work. The Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) is guiding the work being undertaken. The 2022 report covers off on the many Geothermal programmes that the EC is funding and involved with.  Geothermal related projects that commenced in 2022 include:

  • HOCLOOP – A circular by design environmentally friendly geothermal energy solution based on a horizontal closed loop
  • COMPASS – Sustainable and cost-efficient Concepts enabling green power production frOM suPercriticAl/Superhot geothermal wellS
  • DeepU – Deep U-tube heat exchanger breakthrough: combining laser and cryogenic gas for geothermal energy exploitation
  • CEEGS – Novel CO2-based electrothermal energy and geological storage system
  • SAPHEA – Developing a single access point for the market uptake of geothermal energy use in multivalent heating and cooling networks across Europe
  • TWINN2SET – Twinning to sustainable energy transition
  • Genies – Gas-water-mineral interfaces in confined spaces: unravelling and upscaling coupled hydro-geochemical processes
  • GEOTHERM-FORA – Support stakeholders fora on geothermal systems
  • MixUp – Upscaling Mixing and Reactive Transport through Random Granular Media
  • COFFEE – Coupled Flow Processes in Fractured Media across Scales: Insights into Hydraulic Fracture Growth and Radiated Seismic Energy
  • PSGHCERB – Promoting shallow geothermal heating/cooling for existing residential buildings in the EU

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