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Day 1 – 19th April 2023

Session 1 – Case studies – Feasibility, Investigation and Operational
Florian Hahn, HEATSTORE Project.
Rene Verhoeven, D2Grids 5G DHC Mine Water Mark 51°7 Project Bochum.
Dan Mallin Martin, Gateshead Living Lab.
Charlotte Adams, Optimising abstraction from the Gateshead Mine Water Heat Scheme.
Daniel Whittington, Thermal energy storage at Comrie Colliery.

Session 2 – Research and Innovation
Julien Mouli-Castillo, A numerical tool to explore uncertainty in mine water scheme at a feasibility stage.
Luis Calvo Bueilga, Interpretation of thermal profiles and 3D geothermal modelling of the
Barredo and Candin-Fondon mine water energy schemes (Asturias, Spain).
Finlay Bain Kerr, Mine Water Geothermal Energy: just, place-based frameworks for energy resource development.
Andres Gonzalez Quiros – David Boon, Initial insights from hydrogeological characterisation,
conceptualisation and numerical modelling at the UK Geoenergy Observatory in Glasgow and Thermal properties and time series data.
Elma-Maria Charalampidou, Water flow within deformed and undeformed samples from Glasgow observatory.
Mike Chandler, The impact of stress-sensitive permeability in mine water geothermal energy.
Guglielmo Persiani, Biogeochemical dynamics of carbon and sulphur cycles in coal mine drainages in the South Wales Coalfield:
implications for mine water heat networks.
Mylene Receveur, Understanding the heat distribution in coal mines.
Mariana Goldoni de Souza – Samuel Lacombe, Quebec, Canada – Geochemical considerations for the installation of open-loop systems
in former open-pit mines and Estimation of available geothermal resources in flooded open pit mines.

Day 2 – 20th April 2023

Session 3 – New Techniques and Products
Sean Watson – Sam Graham, Conceptual model development for a pilot scale geobattery.
David Walls, The Mine Water Geothermal Resource Atlas for Scotland.
Fiona Todd, Modelling physical controls of mine water heat schemes.
Zoe Shipton, The potential for GigaWatt-Hour subsurface thermal energy storage in mine shafts.
Katherine Deeming, Unlocking the economic potential of mine water geothermal in Scotland.

Session 4 – Regulation, Policy and Industry Insights
David Birks, Mine water geothermal – what might a viable business case look like.
Joanne Eynon – Sarah Scott, Licensing and Permitting the First Mine Heat Schemes in England.
David Townsend, Regulation, Ideas for removing barriers and accelerating progress.
Keith Parker, Aspects of drilling for mine water heating and cooling.
Peter Wormald, Mine water energy from UK mine water treatment sites.
Andrew Hirst – George Matthew, Mine Water Thermal Energy Networks – opportunities and obstacles.