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Day 1 – 24th April 2024

Session 1 – Case studies
Sean Watson, Galleries to Calories
Fiona Todd, Observations from a mine water heat monitoring system
Eshagh Goudarzi, Mine water utilisation as a secondary heat source, and heat storage in a smart local heating and cooling distribution system”
Neil Burnside, Heating potential from mine water discharges and treatment schemes
Timm Wunderlich, Mine water geothermal energy: a source of energy for quarter solutions in the Saxony region
Session 2 – Regulation
Joanne Enyon, Understanding mine water heat Access Agreements: purpose and requirements
Harriette Voce, Impact of England’s regulatory framework on the mine water heating industry: a critical analysis
Alexandra Sweeney, Regulating thermal interference between mine water geothermal systems

Day 2 – 25th April 2024

Cantor Mocke, Development of Heat Networks in the UK

Session 3 – Societal and Environmental Effects
Chima Michael Anyadike-Danes, Comfort and the imagining of ‘Mining Areas’: mine water heat in County Durham
Jingyi Li, Coalfields reimagined: driving social sustainability through mine water heating
Paola Sakai, Food for our own good: geothermal energy for food production
Mark Woodward, Minewater energy toolkit – A guide for Local Authorities, Developers, and Investors

Session 4 – Research and Modelling
Alejandro Pérez Silva, What matters when simulating mine water geothermal systems: the Galleries to Calories numerical model
Nikolas Makasis, Exploring the use of mining shafts with closed-loop geothermal systems using numerical modelling
Angela Lamb, Advances in stable isotope methods for understanding biogeochemical dynamics in coal mine water heat networks
Guglielmo Persiani, The biogeochemical characterisation of fouling and corrosion issues in coal mine drainages

Session 5 – Nano Presentations
Indrani Mukherjee, Minewater assessment for Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES)
Win Eng Ewe, Value propositions for mine shaft thermal energy storage in district heating and future wind based grid balancing
Huachuan Wang, Structural safety of legacy mine shafts for thermal storage
Jessica Dassow, Heat transfer in flooded mine shafts
Vanessa Starcher, UK Geoenergy Observatory, Glasgow Geothermal R&D infrastructure
Andres Gonzalez Quiros, Hydraulic and thermal responses to geothermal experiments
Paul Wilkinson, Electrical resistivity tomography responses
Alison Monaghan, Environmental monitoring

Session 6 – New Developments and Innovation
Stefan Klein, Update on Bochum mine water energy projects
Yago Somoano, New case studies in HUNOSA’s mine water district heating networks (Asturias, Spain)
Stephanie Flude, The value (and pitfalls) of historic records in mineshaft thermal storage feasibility case studies – Monktonhall and Barony collieries, Scotland
Jon Gluyas, Mines and muons: a possible technique for improving well placement during mine-water geothermal development
Jeroen van Hunen, Mine water geothermal under Durham University
Gareth Farr, Mapping mine water heat opportunities in Wales, UK