Surface Geothermal Technology Workshop – 6th October 2023

This workshop was organised and sponsored by JOGMEC and IEA Geothermal.  The event was held on the 6th October at  Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan.  There was an afternoon site visit on the 5th October to the Fuji Kawasaki Factory for  International attendees.

You can access the Abstracts which provide a summary of the presentation content and some background on presenters (URL to Abstracts).  The presentations can be accessed from the URL’s below:
Albert Genter, Geothermal plants exploitation, environmental issues and Lithium extraction of very saline resources from the Upper Rhine graben (France)
Yutaka Kawaguchi, Toshiba Geothermal Power Systems – Maximise the use of Geothermal Resources.
Hiroyuki Ichikawa, Technological development for advanced management of geothermal plant operation.
Justine Mouchot, Geothermal Energy Production in the Upper Rhine Graben. Insheim Power Plant.
Norihiro Fukuda, The history of the development of geothermal power generation system and the pursuit of the possibility of overall management, including underground resources.
Marco Baresi, Turboden developments in the ORC and Large Heat Pump boosting the geothermal exploitation.
Yoshinobu Nakao, Development of IoT-AI tools for GPP.
Luca Xodo, Zero-emission geothermal plants and other environmental improvements of the geothermal developments.
Yasuyuki Hattori, Geothermal Power Plants by Fuji Electric.
Chris Bromley, Production of high quality process grade steam from geothermal steam.