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Session 1 – Modelling – 14th February
Patrick Dobson,  Review of conceptual models of supercritical systems [pdf]
Thomas Driesner, Numerical modelling of magma-driven geothermal systems, including their supercritical parts. [Video]
Alina Yapparova, Modelling supercritical resource utilization. [Video]
Benoit Lamy-Chappuis,  Advanced well models for supercritical reservoir modeling. [Video]
Eric Sonnethenal,  Reactive-transport modelling of high-temperature/supercritical magma-hydrothermal systems. [pdf]
John Burnell,  Flows from supercritical wells, what can we expect? [Video] and [pdf]
Norihiro Watanabe,  Current approach and limitations to model supercritical geothermal systems from MT survey in NE Japan. [pdf]

Session 2 – Geochemistry – 15th February
Thomas Driesner,  Review of the status of thermodynamic modeling of supercritical chemistry. [Video]
Peter Rendel,  Supercritical Water-NZ Basement Rock interaction. [pdf]
Bruce Mountain,  Supercritical Water-Basalt interaction. [Video]
Isabelle Chambefort,  Supercritical geothermal exploration in New Zealand: Understanding the magmatic-hydrothermal conditions of the Taupo Volcanic Zone. [Video]
Andri Stefánsson,  Fingerprinting the signals of deep and supercritical fluids using second generation of geothermometry. [Video]
Andri Stefánsson,  Thermodynamic modelling and experiments of supercritical fluid chemistry – crossing T-P-h “boundaries”. [Video]
Norio Yanagisawa,  Estimation of Geochemistry and Material Corrosion for Supercritical Geothermal Development. [pdf]

Session 3 – Smorgasbord – 16th February
Thomas Driesner,  Permeability of porous and fractured media at “supercritical” resource conditions. [Video]
Amanda Kolker,  Exploration for superhot geothermal resources. [Video]
Geoffrey Giudetti,  Drilling experience and methodology in superhot system: the DESCRAMBLE project in Larderello. [pdf]
Omar Fridleifsson, The IDDP Success Story – lessons learned, and next steps towards commercialisation.  [Video] and [pdf]
Gunnar Gunnarsson,  IDDP-3: Reaching into the resource below. [Video] and [pdf]
Hjalti Páll Ingólfsson,  Drilling into Magma and the KMT project. [Video]
Zayre González-Acevedo,  Importance of Social Informed Communication to the Acceptance of Geothermal Project.
Chris Bromley,  Global perspective on sharing lessons learnt and mitigating environmental risks of future supercritical development strategies. [Video]
Klaus Regenauer-Lieb,  Hybrid Analytical-Numerical-Experimental Laboratory Testing needed to Advance Supercritical Geothermal. [pdf]