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Day 1 – 16th March

Session 1
Shivali Mathur, Understanding the Size of the Opportunity. Where will Heat Network Opportunity Present Itself.
Yago Somoano,  Hunosa – From coal extraction to energy services in a mining region.
Florian Hahn,  Status quo of the Mine Thermal Energy Storage project in Bochum, Germany.
Bobo Ng, Hebburn mine water project – case study.
John Gordon, Developing the Gateshead Mine Energy Scheme. Lessons learned.
Session 2
Billy Andrews, The components and uncertainties of groundwater reservoirs in abandoned coal mines.
Jeroen van Hunen, Modelling mine water flow and heat exchange in open-loop mine systems.
Fiona Todd, Modelling stability issues in mine water cooling and storage systems.
Jesus Perez Silva, Potential heat recovery in seasonal mine-water schemes versus the thermal energy of coal.
Mylène Receveur, Why is mine water hot? Getting insights from data and numerical analysis.

Day 2 – 17th March

Session 3
Sarah Scott, Regulation from the Environmental Agency Perspective.
Jake Diamond, Designing and Implementing the UK’s First Minewater Energy System Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Programme.
Matthew Lakey, Risks of drilling for mine water geothermal.
Elma Charalampidou, Fluid migration within different lithology samples from the UKGEOS-Glasgow.
Alison Monaghan, At-scale, advanced monitoring capability for mine water energy.
Belinda Humphrey, Engaging the public with mine water heat.
Session 4
Neil Burnside, Mine water projects at University of Strathclyde.
Jon Gluyas, Underground thermal energy storage.
Andrew Fraser-Harris, The Geo-battery concept.
Zoe Shipton, Lessons learned from project appraisal at the Barony and Killoch Collieries, East Ayrshire, UK.
Keith Parker, Sunderland mine water energy appraisal process.
David Walls, Mine water resources of Scotland.