Mine Water Heating and Cooling – A 21st Century Resource for Decarbonisation

Event organised by the British Geological Survey, in collaboration with the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy
and IEA Geothermal – Mouse over the blue text below to hyperlink to the presentations

Session 1: Mine water heat and decarbonisation

Low-carbon heat networks: policy and practice
     Brett Hagen, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Fessing up. Risks and obstacles to mine water geothermal energy
     Dave Banks, Holymoor Consultancy Ltd. & University of Glasgow
How hot are Britains’ coalfields ? mapping temperature across Britain’s’ abandoned coalfields
     Gareth Farr, British Geological Survey

Session 2: Experiences of UK mine water heating/cooling schemes

From Venture Pit to Walker Shore, coal and heat and fathoms of core’: Mine water Heat Exploitation in Newcastle/Gateshead
     Jonathan Steven, Groundwater & Geothermal Services Ltd.
Is surface subsidence a risk with mine water heat schemes?
     Fiona Todd, University of Edinburgh
Sustainable energy in the UK Coalfields
     Bohdan Iwanskyj, The Coal Authority

Session 3: Mine water heat/coolth for local district heating

Thermal mine waters for local authority heat networks
     Stephen Hayes, Hayes Tec Ltd
The Reutilization of the Dannenbaum Coal Mine; Mine Water for Heating and Cooling of the Redeveloped Commercial Area Mark 51.7 with mine water
     Florian Hahn – Fraunhofer IEG
The Bridgend mine water scheme
     Michael Jenkins, Bridgend Council

Session 4: The future for mine water heating and cooling   

The Reutilization of a Small Coal Mine for Mine thermal Energy Storage – Heatstore project
     Florian Hahn – Fraunhofer IEG
UK Coal Mines used in a Smart system
     Charlotte Adams, The Coal Authority
Infrastructure and open data for research and innovation in mine water heat and heat storage: the UK Geoenergy Observatory in Glasgow
     Alison Monaghan, British Geological Survey