Geomechanical Challenges Associated with Geothermal Drilling, Stimulation and Production Session: 25-26 June 2013, San Francisco, California, USA

A successful Annex VII GIA Common Fund proposal supported the attendance of five contributors who presented the following papers:

  • Seismic and Aseismic Motions Generated by Large-Scale Fluid Injections- François Henri Cornet, Inst. Physique du Globe, Strasbourg, France;
  • Relationships between Slow Slip, Seismicity and Fluids Leakage During a Pressurized Fault Zone Rupture in-situ Experiment: Importance for Reservoir/Caprock Stimulation Monitoring and Efficiency Assessment- Yves Guglielmi,  CEREGE Aix-Marseille Université, Marseille, France; et al.;
  • Drilling Performance and Productivity of Geothermal Wells, Case History from the Hengill Area in Iceland- Bjorn Mar Sveinbjornsson and Sverrir Thorhallsson, Iceland GeoSurvey (ISOR), Reykjavik, Iceland;
  •  A Study of Coupled Thermo-mechanical Behaviour of Rocks: Geothermal Energy- Shao Shi, et al., Monash University,  Melbourne, Australia;
  • Coulomb stress change during and after tensile fracture opening in a geothermal reservoir- Urpi et al., GFZ German Research Centre For Geosciences, Potsdam, Germany;