Spanish Geothermal Technology Platform (GEOPLAT)

Executive Committee Member:   Margarita de Gregorio, Geoplat, Spain

Alternate Member: Paloma Pérez, Geoplat, Spain

2021 saw the publishing of  geothermal heat pump statistics from a 2019 census.  The data  recorded ~28 GW of installed thermal capacity.

2021 saw the implementation of geothermal heating and cooling systems professional training qualifications with the first accreditation published officially in the State Agency Gazette.

A mine water geothermal energy scheme providing energy to a district heating network was completed at Pozo Fondón.   This is the second scheme of this type that follows after the Pozo Barredo  scheme.

Drilling activity to ~2000m in Almeria has identified a 100 C geothermal resource that is expected to be developed extensively for heating  greenhouses.

The Spanish Geothermal Technology Platform – GEOPLAT – is a scientific and technical geothermal stakeholder coordination group. GEOPLAT works to identify and develop sustainable strategies for the promotion and marketing of geothermal energy in Spain.

GEOPLAT covers all R&D&I activities from identification and evaluation of resources through to geothermal use and technology applications.

Sustainability and regulatory framework aspects are part of the activities of the Platform, as well as relationships and collaboration with other platforms, both nationally and within Europe.

For more information about GEOPLAT, please visit the GEOPLAT website.

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