Geothermal Energy Development for a Green Economy

November 13-14, 2017

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hoi Van hot spring, Binh Dinh province, Vietnam. Drilling to assess the thermal gradient began in September 2017. Photo courtesy of Tran Trong Thang.

This workshop will be in conjunction with the 38th IEA Geothermal Executive Committee meeting. Topics will include:

  • cooling and heating applications,
  • industrial applications,
  • mineral extraction,
  • tourist uses,
  • hybrid applications,
  • innovative stimulation technologies (EGS),
  • new drilling technologies, and
  • deep roots of geothermal systems.

The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Describe the state-of-the-art of geothermal technology.
  • Discuss the virtues of geothermal energy as a useful, clean, and widely available primary energy source.
  • Encourage use in countries where it is not yet used significantly.
  • Promote networking between practitioners and specialists in geothermal technology and field operations, company representatives, investors and government officials.
  • Share unbiased information and promote international cooperation.

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Contacts for international participants are:
From IEA Geothermal:    Katharina Link,
From VIGMAR:                Mr. Tran Trong Thang,; Tel:  + 84 243 8544386


Images: Bang Spa, Quảng Bình Province, Vietnam. Credit: Genghiskhanviet, public domain.