IEA Geothermal is aware of an official investigation underway with regard to earthquakes at Pohang in South Korea in November 2017. This investigation includes consideration of those aspects of the activities that had previously been undertaken as part of the Pohang Enhanced Geothermal Site.

IEA Geothermal very much welcomes other strands of scientific enquiry underway among the research community worldwide particularly with respect to the relationship of the earthquakes to human activities. However, IEA Geothermal stresses the importance and need for sound and comprehensive analytical and interpretative work. A comprehensive approach is critical to arrive at policy relevant outcomes that IEA Geothermal provides to its membership and the IEA’s Energy Technology Network.

Early publication of subsets of data from the Pohang Enhanced Geothermal Site has been the cause of anxiety in a number of nations ahead of the release of the outcome of the official investigation. More than ever, the responses of stakeholders to early publications emphasize the need for a comprehensive approach to any kind of investigation and clear communication of the findings to the broader community. IEA Geothermal advises against drawing premature conclusions. Instead, IEA Geothermal expects with all facts, analysis and interpretation being published, a healthy and critical debate among the geothermal community to ultimately arrive at a set of policy-relevant conclusions.