IEA Geothermal’s request for a 4th Term (2013-2018) extension of operation was approved by the IEA Committee on Energy Research Technology (CERT) at its 19-20 February 2013 meeting.  The GIA submitted documentation to the IEA Secretariat in support of its request for extension on 19 July 2012.  The documents included the 2007-2013 End-of-Term Report (EoT), 20013-2018 Strategic Plan, and Self Evaluation.  The IEA Working Party on Renewable Energy Technologies (REWP) recommended the extension of IEA Geothermal to IEA CERT following ExCo Chair, Chris Bromley’s presentation of  the EoT, Strategic Plan, and request for extension at the 62nd REWP Meeting in Rome, Italy, on 5 October 2012.

IEA-GIA 2007-2013 EoT Report

IEA-GIA 2013-2018 Strategic Plan