IEA Geothermal at GeoTHERM 2019


The IEA Geothermal 2019 presentation to the 2019 GeoTHERM Expo and Congress can be downloaded here:

An overview of IEA Geothermal presented to the 2018 GeoTHERM Expo and Congress can be downloaded here:

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Baltic Sea Nations Geothermal Symposium – 13 February 2019 – Presentations 

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Dr Lothar Wissing     Overview of IEA Geothermal activities and geothermal heat applications
Alexander Richter     Overview of IGA Activities
Gurbuz Gonul           GGA : Fostering Global Partnership for Geothermal Energy
Dr Inga Moeck         Germany Country Presentation
Lene Clausen           Bringing Geothermal Energy into Play in Denmark: Challenges and Opportunities
Thor Musaeus        Norway Country Presentation
Dr Teppo Arola       Geothermal Energy in Finland – State of the Art
Tero Saano             First Deep Geothermal Project in Scandinavia
Christine Croniger     Geothermal District Heating in Munich
Dr Beata Kepinska     Poland Country Presentation
Zygimantas Palaitis     Lithuania Country Presentation
Dr Gerhard Schwarz     Geothermal Applications in Sweden
Dr Rolf Bracke           From Coal Mining to Heat Mining
Victor Gornov           Russia Country Presentation
Hjalti  Ingolfsson     GEOTHERMICA
Andreas Westner     Streicher Geothermal Workover Rig GWR 100

The Symposium was organised in conjunction with the International Geothermal Association and sponsored by the German Eederal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.