• Direct Use Case Studies
    Geothermal energy use for heating, cooling and processing, New Zealand and international examples. Follow the link to access the case studies: GNSDirUseCaseStuds The pho...Read More
  • Deep Geothermal Energy Germany
    This new brochure on deep geothermal energy possibilities in Germany, published in September 2014, provides technical information and recommendations for action for inves...Read More
  • Heating without Global Warming
    This IEA publication, launched on 28 April 2014, reviews the current status and costs of renewable heating technologies along with current market and policy trends, and i...Read More
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps in New Zealand – a Technical Guide
    This introductory guide details the installation and operation of geothermal heat pumps (GHPs), also called ground source heat pumps or geo-exchange systems, in New Zeala...Read More
  • CanGEA direct use report
    The Canadian Geothermal Association (CanGEA) has published a 229-page report on geothermal direct use applications in Canada. The report was funded in part by the IEA Geo...Read More
  • IGA Best Paper Award 2014
    Gudni Axelsson’s paper: “Sustainable geothermal utilization- Case histories; definitions; research issues and modeling” was one of two papers selected t...Read More
  • GeoTHERM Congress Presentations
    Presentations from the 5-6 March 2014 GeoTHERM Congress available. To access the presentations (not all in English), click: GeoTHERM ...Read More
  • IEA-GIA/EDC Seminar Tagaytay, Philippines
    Joint GIA/EDC Seminar, Tagaytay, Philippines, 21 September 2013, in association with 30th ExCo Meeting. To access a presentation, click the filename: IEA-GIA/EDC Tagayta...Read More
  • IEA Geothermal Extended for 4th Term
    IEA Geothermal’s request for a 4th Term (2013-2018) extension of operation was approved by the IEA Committee on Energy Research Technology (CERT) at its 19-20 Febru...Read More
  • IEA Geothermal Roadmap 2011
    IEA Geothermal Roadmap 2011 On 13 June 2011, IEA Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka launched the Technology Roadmap: Geothermal Heat and Power at the Eurelectric Annual Con...Read More