WG 13- Emerging Geothermal Technologies

Operating Agent: Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics (LIAG), Germany

Working Group Leader: Josef Weber, Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics, Germany. Email: Josef.Weber@liag-hannover.de

Status: Setup meetings held 8 – 10 September 2015, Hannover, Germany.

Participants: Australia, European Commission, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Korea, Switzerland


This is an area of broad work activity spanning the geothermal energy sector. There are six task streams as part of the Emerging Geothermal Technologies (Working Group 13) work. All the work streams are in the early establishment phase with the Task leaders as at the 1 October 2015 identified in brackets after the topic.

2016 Working Group 13 Report