The International Energy Agency (IEA)

The International Energy Agency (IEA), based in Paris, France, was created in 1974 in response to the 1973-74 oil crisis. It is an autonomous organization dedicated to ensuring reliable, affordable and clean energy for its 28 member countries and beyond.  The IEA’s major focus areas are:

  • Energy security- promoting diversity, efficiency and flexibility within all energy sectors
  • Economic development- ensuring stable supply of energy to IEA Member Countries and promoting free markets to foster economic growth and eliminate energy poverty
  • Environmental awareness- enhancing international knowledge of options for tackling climate change
  • Engagement worldwide- working closely with non-Member countries to find solutions to shared energy and environmental concerns.

In addition to their many other responsibilities, the IEA encourages international collaboration in energy technology through its broad range of more than 40 multilateral technology initiatives (Implementing Agreements), ten of which are renewable energy technologies, including IEA Geothermal.

For more information about the IEA go to: IEA Website