Our Work

IEA Geothermal promotes cooperative research, analysis and information sharing on development and sustainable utilisation of geothermal energy.

Five programmes are active;


Working Group

Environmental Impacts of Geothermal Development 1
Direct Use of Geothermal Energy 8
Data Collection and Information 10
Deep Roots of Volcanic Geothermal Systems 12
Emerging Geothermal Technologies 13

Publications related to the programmes can be found here. Hyperlinks for each project will take you to contact information and further details.

Environmental Impacts of Geothermal Development – WG 1

To encourage sustainable development of geothermal energy resources in an economic and environmentally responsible manner. Activities include identifying ways to avoid, remedy or mitigate adverse environmental effects, and quantifying and balancing the adverse and beneficial effects of geothermal energy development.

Direct Use of Geothermal Energy – WG 8

To provide information, communication strategies and transfer knowledge to mitigate barriers and enhance deployment of direct use geothermal energy.  Cooperation, knowledge sharing and increasing the use of existing and new technologies are actively encouraged.

Data Collection and Information – WG 10

Geothermal energy use data, trends and developments in member countries are collated. An The comprehensive annual trend report provides an excellent published overview of the status of geothermal energy utilisation in IEA-GIA participant nations.

Deep Roots of Volcanic Geothermal Systems – WG 12

To advance knowledge on the nature and characteristics of deep heat sources and heat transfer processes in volcanic geothermal systems. Objectives are to collect and disseminate relevant information and to facilitate cooperation between scientists involved in research into improved exploration and modelling methods.

Emerging Geothermal Technologies – WG 13

Encourages cooperative research and collaboration on geothermal exploration, drilling, well logging, reservoir creation, and innovative technical solutions for utilisation of geothermal energy.


Three have concluded;


Working Group

Enhanced Geothermal Systems 3
Advanced Geothermal Drilling and Logging Technologies 7
Induced Seismicity 11

Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) – WG 3

Addressed new and improved technologies to access and extract, from engineered heat exchangers created in the sub surface, geothermal energy at viable commercial rates from the large heat resources present at depth in continental land masses.  The techniques developed may also sustain and expand conventional hydrothermal systems through the use of stimulation.

Advanced Geothermal Drilling and Logging Technologies – WG 7

To promote ways to reduce the cost of geothermal drilling through developing an understanding of drilling and logging needs, elucidating best practice, and sharing methods that advance the state of the art.

Induced Seismicity – WG 11

To determine the steps to be taken to make enhanced geothermal system creation and fluid injection useful, economic and publicly acceptable technologies.