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Download the current Executive Committee and Sponsor members contact details here.

Countries and organisations join the Executive Committee (ExCo) of IEA Geothermal through a formal application that involves IEA endorsement. Members and alternates are identified for each country or sponsor organisation. These members have an active voice in the management of IEA Geothermal.

If your country or organisation is an IEA Geothermal member then you can be involved in the leadership of the working groups and their tasks.

An important output from participation is the IEA Geothermal Annual Report. The completed reports can be accessed here.


Two Executive Committee meetings are held annually.  These meetings steer the direction and work of IEA Geothermal.  The ExCo has a Chair supported several Vice-chairs. Annual financial contributions are paid into a common fund by member countries and sponsors.  A Secretariat managed by the Executive Secretary supports the work. The Secretariat provides secretarial, administrative, editorial, and writing services, and manages the web presence for the organisation.  The costs of Secretariat operation are met from the common fund.

Involvement in Work Programme Activity

A member or sponsor chooses which parts of the work programme (working groups and tasks) it will participate in:

Working Group


Environmental Impacts of Geothermal Development 1
Direct Use of Geothermal Energy 8
Data Collection and Information 10
Deep Roots of Volcanic Geothermal Systems 12
Emerging Geothermal Technologies 13

All member countries participate in Data Collection and Information (WG 10).

New work streams are added as the Executive Committee determines specific issues are to be collaboratively examined.

The working groups identify objectives, schedules, activities, planned outputs and funding provisions. Funding for the working groups is generally task-shared with participants allocating resources and personnel to conduct the work at their own expense. Some cost-sharing activities drawing on common funding are undertaken, although this is at a low level.

Each working group is managed by an Operating Agent, generally an institution or organisation, designated and confirmed by the Executive Committee.

Results and outputs are shared among the participating countries, industries and industry organizations, and more widely disseminated through publications, international meetings, seminars and this web site.

The Data Collection and Information group (WG 10) publishes a comprehensive annual trend report on geothermal energy utilisation in IEA Geothermal member countries. These reports provide an excellent overview of the status of geothermal energy in the participant nations.

Joining IEA Geothermal as a Member

Looking to join IEA Geothermal?

It would be great to have you as a member.  Please email iea-giasec@gns.cri.nz with the subject line: Looking to Join.


If your country is already a member then you can participate in the work programmes of IEA Geothermal.  To do this please connect with your country member and discuss how to get involved.  The contact information for member countries can be found here.