Operating Agent:   Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas (IIE), Mexico

Executive Committee Member:   David Nieva, IIE, Mexico

Alternate Member:   Alfonso García Gutiérrez, IIE, Mexico

Geothermal energy is the most important non-conventional renewable energy source utilized in Mexico, followed by wind energy. Although there is some tradition for direct uses of geothermal energy, mainly related to balneology, the most important use is for electricity generation.

Geothermal development for electricity generation started in Mexico in 1959, with the commissioning of the first commercial plant in the Pathé Field (central Mexico). By December 2012, the geothermal-based installed capacity for electricity generation was 958 MWe, distributed among the Cerro Prieto, Los Azufres, Los Humeros and Las Tres Vírgenes.  In 2012, geothermal generation amounted to 5,817 GWh.

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