Contracting Party:   ENEL Green Power, Italy

Executive Committee Member:  Sara Montomoli, ENEL Green Power, Italy

Alternate Member:  Paci Marco, ENEL Green Power, Italy

In Italy geothermal resources are used mainly for electricity generation.  All the geothermal plants in operation are located in Tuscany, in the two “historical” areas of Larderello-Travale and Mount Amiata. In 2016, Italy had an installed capacity of 915 MWe (running capacity 761 MWe) producing gross generation of 5900 GWh. Though this represents only 2.1% of the total domestic generation, it meets more than 25% of the electricity demand in Tuscany.

In addition to electricity generation, geothermal fluids are used as heat sources, mainly for spas, space and district heating, greenhouses and fish farming.  In 2016, the supply of thermal energy totalled about 10,500 TJ.

To find out more about Italian Geothermal Activities visit the National Geothermal Associations Web Site.

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