Contracting Party:   Orkustofnun, Iceland

Executive Committee Member:  Jonas Ketilsson, Orkustofnun, Iceland

Alternate Member:   Guðni Axelsson, ISOR, Iceland

Practically all stationary energy and 85% of primary energy in Iceland are derived from indigenous renewable sources, with near carbon-free electricity production. This is the result of policy making renewable energy a long-term priority for Iceland. In 2018 geothermal primary energy consumption contributed 62%, equivalent to ≈160 PJ, of Iceland’s primary energy.  Nowhere else does geothermal energy play overall a greater role in providing a nation’s energy supply.

The geothermal energy estimated to be available from below Iceland is about 30 GW, of which 7 GW is estimated harness-able using current technology. Shallower than 10 km depth, the energy stored is estimated to be 12 x 1014 GJ, of which it is thought technically and economically possible to install 4,300 MWe of geothermal power capacity at the electricity prices in Iceland.

Nine geothermal power plants with an installed capacity of 755 MWe  produced 6000 GWh of electricity during 2018.

In 2018 34 PJ of geothermal energy were used for heating.

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