About IEA Geothermal TCP

The IEA Geothermal Technical Collaboration Programme (IEA Geothermal or the Geothermal TCP) is a  framework for international collaboration and networking among nations, industries and industry organizations on all aspects of geothermal resources and geothermal energy.

The technical collaboration programme operates under the auspices of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Paris, France but operates independently of the IEA.  The views expressed by IEA Geothermal in no way represent the views of the IEA.

More information on IEA Geothermal can be found at http://iea-gia.org/about-us/our-organisation/.

Activities are directed towards the sharing of information; developing technologies, techniques and best practices for exploration, development and utilization; and producing and disseminating authoritative information. Activity occurs in working groups and more information on these can be found at http://iea-gia.org/areas-of-activity/.

IEA Geothermal has participant member nations and organisations.  Information about research and development on geothermal energy  occurring in each of the member nations can be found at http://iea-gia.org/about-us/members/. Details of the representatives who lead IEA Geothermal can be found at http://iea-gia.org/about-us/our-people/.

For more details see the pdf:  IEA Geothermal Goals, Activities, Benefits and Obligations